27 December 2017

Regardless of whether you’ve been selling on the Internet for a while or just starting, you should know that the regulations are an obligatory element of the online store.

Online store regulations are a set of rights and obligations set by a seler, both for the customer and seller in the online store. Specifies the general conditions for shopping at a online store.

Some provisions of the regulations (such as electronic services available as part of the store) result directly from the law. If possible, I recommend comprehensive compliance with information obligations to consumers already in the store regulations. In this way, the consumer will find most of the information in one place, and the seller is easier to control and if necessary, there is no problem with demonstrating fulfillment of information obligations towards consumers.

Office for the Protection of Competition and Consumers, Poland, ‘the UOKiK’ unequivocally stated that every e-shop must have its own regulations and make it available to customers free of charge before concluding the contract. This obligation results from article no. 8 of the Act on the provision of electronic services. According to its content, the service provider is required to define the regulations for the provision of electronic services and to provide the recipient with free of charge terms and conditions before concluding a contract for such services, and – at his request – in a way that allows obtaining, reproducing and recording the content of the regulations using IT system used by the customer. It should be remembered that the store’s customer is not bound by these provisions of the regulations, which were not made available to him in the above-mentioned way.

Regulations may be inconsistent with applicable law or affect the interests of the consumer, because they may be considered as prohibited clauses. It may be a good idea to order the regulations to someone else to exclude the risk of having prohibited clauses and missing items. It violates someone’s copyright and you can repeat the prohibited clauses used by that entrepreneur.

Regulations should be tailored to your online store and to the products you sell. The possession of prohibited clauses or missing information is associated with the risk of a financial penalty imposed by UOKiK up to 10% of revenues for the previous accounting year.

Fulfillment of information obligations allows you to minimize the costs of returns and complaints and reduces the number of complaints from customers. It is also worth remembering the audit of the purchase path and e-mail messages. It is worth for the lawyer to place a test order in your store and also verify this stage.

When conducting sales on Allegro, Amazon, eBay or other such services, you must complete practically the same information obligations as in your own online store.

Apart from the regulations, also the privacy policy and cookie files policy are the basic information documents that you can find in almost every online store.